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IWD 2018 Celebrations at Sri Lankan Airlines

WorkshopsLonali Rodrigo

Sharing sustainable fashion tips with the female employees at Sri Lankan Airlines

House of Lonali (HOL) celebrated IWD 2018 with an interactive workshop on Up-Cycling at the Sri Lankan Airlines office in Katunayaka.

The session started by building awareness on sustainable fashion and the role consumers play in value chain, specially the impact of their choices and actions. The workshop focused primarily on the role of consumers in buying and disposal of garments.  

The conversation on customer responsibility at the purchase point of a garment sparked conversation about sustainable sourcing, ethical labour and social impact amongst the participants. The up-cycling component of the workshop came about at the discussion on disposing garments. The participants, all female employees at Sri Lankan ranging from ages 20’s to 50’s, were asked to bring an old t-shirt that would have been disposed to up-cycle into something that they would use daily. The creations included lunch bags, water bottle carriers, and umbrella carriers, bags for shoes and pencil cases. 


The feedback from the participants was that the techniques taught at the workshop like plaiting, knitting, knotting and macramé were techniques they were confident they could use and improvise with. Some approached with the feedback that they felt encouraged that they could extend their sustainable household practices to the fashion habits as well.
We at HOL are grateful for Sri Lankan Airlines for the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for up-cycling and our brand story as well as showcasing our products.