House of Lonali

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the textiles sourced?

Through our relationships with large manufacturers who allow us to use their run-off. Also through local markets in Asia.

How are the items made?

Once the design is ready, we work with artisians based in Sri Lanka with a unique skillset to hand-make our pieces, often in their own homes and for a fair wage.

Where do we sell?

At the moment we sell in Sri Lanka and the United Kindom. We're hoping to expand to other markets soon - stay tuned!

Who are the House of Lonali team?

We are a tight team of three - all passionate about ethical fashion and creativity. Lonali Rodrigo, who initially created the company and built a following in Colombo after completing her degree at the AOD in Fashion Design is the lead designer. Her husband Lakmaal, with a background in Marketing, is also a partner in the business and has helped it achieve substantial growth.

In 2016 they teamed up with Anna Henderson, an antipodean who has lived in the UK for the past decade, with a background in Creative Advertising. Her role is to build the brand presence of House of Lonali and to launch the international businesses.